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... well, perhaps, just perhaps, the very best wedding photographers in New Jersey.

Here you can view our latest work and our favourite recent photographs and get a sampling of our individual styles. 
Collectively, the style is modern and photojournalistic; even a little edgy, with some of that Fashion flair. 

You can view our portfolios (available from the drop-down menu at the top), and see if you like the specific photographer's approach to wedding photography.  Most of us also do portrait photography, boudoir, lifestyle, kids and high-school senior portraits.  So do feel free to contact us and find out about our services.

award of excellence

Congratulations to Desiree of dMdC photography for achieving an Award of Excellence at WPPI 2010, for this portrait of the groom.

photography by: Desiree at dMdC Photography

first moment on their own

Francesca and Stephan’s wedding ceremony took place at the picturesque chapel at Skylands Manor.  A first quiet moment after the ceremony was in the limo on the way back to the reception at Skylands Manor.

photography by:  Neil van Niekerk

First Sight

When I was in my teens and shooting weddings for my dad, I remember he would freak out if I cut the heads off someone. I kept on doing it just to be a punk, but I think he would enjoy the detail of this – the gown blowing in the breeze.  It was one of the best First Sight scenes we’ve ever laid eyes on.   Bonnet Island of course makes a perfect background for everything.

photography by:  John & Lovina Arcara

hot pink!

I LOVED Miriam’s hot pink wedding shoes! She had to have them dyed hot pink which wasn’t that big of a deal, the problem was finding hot pink socks for Han to wear. Well, let’s just say Han took one for the team today. Not because they were hot pink, but because the only hot pink socks they could find had Hello Kitty on them! We need more men like Han this world!

photography by: Todd Laffler

a quiet moment

Grand Hyatt, NYC: I think it’s common practice to view a wedding as “the bride’s day.” But we love this stolen moment of Clifton on the morning of his wedding – sitting in the window, reflecting on the hours to come.

photography by: Studio Brooke

a powerful moment

Watching the first dance of a wedding can be a very powerful moment.  Seeing the smiles that wash across the faces of a couple when they realize they are looking at their new husband or wife could arguably be one of the best moments of a wedding day.  That’s when they realize that life is about to get really, really good.

photography by: Desiree at dMdC Photography

a tender moment

My favourite photograph of this wedding – a beautiful moment right after the ceremony as the bride, Dana, leans in to give her dad a kiss.

photography by:  Neil van Niekerk

just beautiful

After the ceremony the couple skipped the receiving line so we could go get some photos of just them in this impressive location.  I picked the location earlier because I wanted to show how beautiful this scene was – truly jaw dropping when you walked in.  (The location was St. John the Evangelist in Schenectady, New York.)

photography by:  Josh Lynn